Have you ever been driving down the road and heard music from another car before you saw it?

Terry Daniels sent us a message asking us to verify how loud drivers can play music in their car and if there is a fine for driving with loud music.

Nicole Butler went to verify the state law with Bibb County Sheriff's Captain, Brad Wolfe.

Here's a look at what she learned.

When you're jamming to your favorite song, you may have the urge to turn up the music, but Terry Daniels says all the fun can turn into a dangerous situation.

Remembering when he felt impaired by the loud music coming from the car next to him, Daniels says,"And my whole car would be vibrating. There was a big fire engine coming down Forsyth Avenue and I couldn't even hear it the music was so loud."

But Austin Jones disagrees, saying blasting the stereo just makes the ride more enjoyable.

He says as long as you're paying attention, you'll be able to hear any sirens coming your way.

"You know, a little bit of bass really gets you in the music, and a lot of time when you're listening to loud music, your windows are down and you're going to hear it. I mean, I play my stereo very loud all the time with my windows down and I can hear it," Jones says.

So I went to meet Captain Brad Wolfe with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office so he could lay out the law.

"Well, the state law that regulates music from a car says it can't be readily audible outside the vehicle at a distance of 100 feet," Wolfe says.

Wolfe says the average car length is between 10 to 12 feet long. We verified if you can hear someone's car radio from nine car lengths away, that's against the law.

Wolfe says the best way to avoid a ticket is to just use your best judgment.

So if you can't hear what's going outside your vehicle, turn down the volume.

Captain Wolfe says they will normally give you a warning, but after your second or third noise offense, you'll be going home with a $145 ticket.

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