In April, The Department of Transportation closed part of Highway 80 at Bailey Branch Road to replace a culvert. That's about eight miles west of Roberta. The state planned to close the road for six months.

Four months later, residents are starting to wonder if the work will be finished on time.

Yvonne Thomas set out to verify the construction timeline. She spoke with Kimberly Larson with the Department of Transportation and has an update on when the project will be finished.

Since April, Thomas Holloway says he's driving the extra mile to avoid this construction site. “Just on my part, I'm going eight miles out of the way. Eight miles plus eight miles, that's sixteen miles every day just to get to Roberta,” said Holloway.

But he says he wants to see a little more construction on the site. “I mean, for four or five days at a time, I didn't even see them working,” said Holloway.

Nathaniel Battle says even though he now sees two cranes instead of one. “They're coming along a little bit better than what they were,” said Battle. We wanted to verify -- are the repairs on Highway 80 West behind their original schedule?

According to the Department of Transportation that's true. Here's why.

Kimberly Larson with the Department of Transportation says the original plan was just to replace the culvert that was already here. Now they've decided to add bridge instead. Larson says in a statement, “In order to do this, we had to extend the work six months. The bridge is safer, more environmentally-friendly, and will incur less maintenance costs over the years.”

Larson says the old culvert has been removed, but the bridge won’t be finished until April 2018. So we verified that its true, construction won't be finished until next year. Kimberly Larson says the total cost for this construction project is more than $1.2 million.