The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says they're cracking down on parking tickets. So aside from the street, where else can you park in downtown Macon?

According to Alex Morrison with the Downtown Development Authority, there are 5,800 parking spots in downtown Macon. 1,260 of those spots are on the street.

Wednesday afternoon, Bibb County Sheriff, David Davis, told WMAZ that his deputies are now strictly enforcing parking ticket to prepare people for the new downtown parking plan that Bibb County approved earlier this month.

WMAZ's Chelsea Beimfohr hit the road to verify where public parking is available off the street.

According to Morrison, there are 9 public parking garages around the city.

"I parked on the street for the first year I was here. Free parking. I never had to worry about paying a parking fee," says downtown resident, JT Palmer.

Palmer says he disagrees with the city's plan to start charging for street parking.

"That's just another way to make money and charge people for coming downtown," says Palmer.

Right now, Palmer says he pays a monthly rate to park in a deck near his apartment for the convenience, but he doesn't want to have to pay to park in other decks downtown just to avoid a parking ticket.

"When I go out with friends or family, we definitely take more than 2 hours. If you decide to park in one of these decks, it's an hourly rate, but that really adds up over the course of a week's time, especially if you are having to park in these decks frequently," says Palmer.

It appears that most downtown parking decks charge $1 per hour and charge a maximum fee of $5 per day.

Morrison also says he and the city are working together to come up with a plan for downtown residents who were parking in the street before the city approved the new parking plan.