A constant stream of voters started pouring into the Houston County Board of Elections when early voting began Monday.

Kenitra Burnette is one them.

“I wanted to go ahead and cast my vote for the election and all the issues on the ballot,” Burnette said.

She plans to share her experience of voting on her social media accounts, but the trend of "ballot selfies" could get voters in trouble.

According Georgia code, they are illegal. Section 21-2-413 e, "No person shall use photographic or other electronic monitoring or recording devices, cameras or cellular telephones" while in a polling place.

“Any cell phone use or camera photography or recording is not allowed in the precinct,” Andy Holland Houston County's Registration and election assistant supervisor said.

He says going for the likes online while at the poll could cost you.

“The maximum penalty for it is they could be guilty of a misdemeanor that what the law speaks to if they were actually charged with a crime,” Holland said.

In Houston County, he said is hasn't been a problem and doesn't expect it to be with signs clearly posted.

“I actually did know that it was illegal to take a selfie with your ballot, but it’s not illegal to take a selfie with your sticker,” Burnette said.

That's exactly what she chose to do.

If you want to share a picture of you after voting you can upload it to our Facebook page or using yourtake.13wmaz.com .

Election Day is Tuesday November 8th.