Election Day is right around the corner, and The United States Department of Justice says they're working to make sure you have the right to vote. Our Yvonne Thomas spoke to US Attorney G.F. "Pete" Peterman about how our local Justice Department will monitor the Election Day process.

The U.S. Justice Department says they're expecting a crowd at the polls on Election Day. “A good deal of work has been done before hand,” said Peterman. “Primarily, we try to make sure that elections are fairly conducted. That people's rights are protected that they're not intimidated in any way or discriminated against in any way.

Peterman said the Justice Department is monitoring the voting process. On Election Day, Peterman said poll monitors will be at selected voting sites and other officials will be on call in case there's a problem.

“The FBI is making themselves available having agents specially assigned,” said Peterman. “The U.S. Attorney's Offices, all 94 of them, are doing the same thing that we are, and of course the Civil Rights division will have people on hand as well.”

Peterman said, so far there have not been any complaints made to the Justice Department about any type of voter intimidation or voter fraud in Central Georgia. But if there are any problem he said to contact him directly. “We need to let the local officials know about this,” said Peterman. “Or if they're concerned about the local officials we can call the Secretary of State.”

Peterman said anyone who commits voter fraud, intimidation, or discrimination commits a felony and if found guilty will be prosecuted.