A story being shared around Facebook would have you believe Bibb schools are out for another week.

We set out to Verify: When do Bibb County Schools re-open?

If you click on the link, it takes you to a page that looks somewhat legitimate.

The timestamp says it was created Thursday, September 14, and that it has been shared more than 41,000 times, but there are a couple of red flags.

One is a glaring grammatical error in the caption, "Thus loosing another week of school," which should be spelled "losing."

The second red flag is the web address. If you go back to the source website, trend-news dot com, this is what you'll find -- "Prank your friends now!"

It fooled a lot of people.

Bibb County Schools even decided to call it out as fake news. Their response on Facebook and Twitter was, "Nice try, kids."

We verified that this ad is #FakeNews and Bibb County schools reopen on Monday, September 18.