If a well-known company offered to pay you $500 a week to put an advertisement on your car, would you do it?

One Macon woman says she almost agreed to that when she received an e-mail from someone claiming to be with Tropicana, the orange juice producer.

So we set out to verify, is this is a scam, or a "sweet deal?"

"A text came to my phone and it said Tropicana Simply Orange was doing an advertisement and they wanted you to put their magnet on your car," says Rose Morgan.

Sounds like no big deal right? Put a magnet on your car and get paid to drive it around?

Morgan says she was offered $500 dollars a week to drive her car around with an advertisement from the orange juice company.

She filled out a form online and a few days later a check for $2,950 dollars came in the mail.

"They said take 500 dollars out.... put the rest in the bank... and send it back to them," says Morgan.

So we set out to verify if that was legit.

Kyle Collins with the Better Business Bureau of Central Georgia says he's seen this situation before.

"It sounds good on the surface and they tell you all the things that you want to hear, but when it comes right down to it, it's a scam," says Collins.

He calls them "car wrapping scams," usually perpetrated by foreigners looking for "quick cash."

"When you're looking at these emails or text messages that you're getting, there's usually some ways you can tell that English is not the primary language of the person that you're dealing with," says Collins.

In the e-mail sent to Mrs. Morgan, we found 7 spelling or grammatical errors, and the shipping label on the envelope sent to her home was illegible.

"It usually takes about 2 weeks before the consumer realizes that they've been scammed. Because that check that they've received and deposited and wire transferred some of it comes back as a counterfeit check," says Collins.

So, yes. We verified that this Tropicana advertisement offer is fake.

"I just want people to know that anytime they get a check like this in the mail, or one of these emails, just delete it," says Morgan.

We reached out to Tropicana's corporate office to see if they're aware this scam is going on and haven't heard back.