It's a picture that was posted on Facebook by a mom and shared more than 13,000 times. The post claims the sign was posted in the lunchroom of her daughter's school.

Klein said, "Kids shouldn't have to see this at school. I guess their plan was to shame kids into sitting quietly in the lunch room without food …"

As the post spread, many speculated that it was fake and that the school didn't post it. The 11Alive VERIFY team reached out to the school to get answers.

Woodland High School in Cartersville confirmed that the sign was posted in the lunchroom.

So, we can VERIFY that the claim is TRUE.

The school released a statement apologizing for the sign and saying it was taken down on Sept. 8. They said "the sign was not department-approved; nor was it approved by Bartow County Schools."

The statement ended with the school saying the "issue has been addressed."