According to the Warner Robins Police Department, a man is dead after being hit by an SUV in Warner Robins early Monday morning.

They say it happened at the intersection of Watson Boulevard and Knodishall Drive. WMAZ posted that story to our Facebook page and many of you responded saying this was not the first time something like this had happened in that area in Warner Robins.

Danny Hart commented "That is an awful area. There's been 3 to 4 deaths there in the past 12 months." We set out to verify “Is there an unusual number of people hit by cars at this intersection?” Kasandra Ortiz spoke to a couple of sources.

First, she spoke to Assistant Chief John Wagner Junior with the Warner Robins Police Department. She also spoke with people who live in the area.

Assistant Chief Wagner says he has noticed more pedestrian accidents at the intersection.

"We have had quite a few accidents in that area between the Huddle House and Nelson Drive,” says Wagner.

He says pedestrians can do some things to be more careful but the area may also need some changes.

"That area does need to be lit up more, we think, but there is a crosswalk there. We just ask pedestrians that will be crossing in that area to wear brighter clothing and you walk at the crosswalk that is already provided there,” explains Wagner.

We went back through our records to verify it all. We found that Monday's fatality makes at least three serious accidents involving pedestrians at that intersection since last December. Two of those were fatal. There was one in December, another in March, and then again on Monday.

The owner of the Sunoco there told me off camera it's been a reoccurring problem. His customers who live nearby agree.

"I think they can cross down there at the green light. There's a button down there for them to push, but they just don't take time to go down there and cross there,” says Mona Lisa King, who lives near the intersection.

Lee Sawyer has lived neared the intersection in Warner Robins for years and he says traffic on the street has been increasing.

"Living in the area, I have seen during the day there's more pedestrian traffic in this area. Crosswalks are something and lights right off hand are the only things I can think of,” says Sawyer.

Arlenai Larkins works and lives near the shopping center across from the intersection and she says it’s something she’s noticed getting worse over time.

"This is at least the 6th or 7th automobile fatality and it's all literally right here because you don't see them they literally dart out on the road when you're like feet in front of them. I mean, all the accidents have been right here. It feels so close,” says Larkins.

So we verified that this is true. The intersection of Watson Boulevard and Knodishall Drive in Warner Robins does have an unusual amount of pedestrian accidents. It is something many people in the city say is a concern. The Warner Robins Police Department says the state owns that intersection so the Georgia Department of Transportation would have to make any changes like additional lights or crosswalks.

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John Wagner Junior, Warner Robins Police Department Assistant Chief

Neighbors and businesses in the area

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Warner Robins Police Department