Whether they take it easy or turn it up, a lot of adults will raise a glass to ring in the New Year. Before you do, we're busting some of the buzz about booze.

Theory No. 1: Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear

To find out whether it's true, KHOU 11 reached out to University of Texas researcher and pharmacy professor Dr. Carlton Erickson. He says that old saying is a myth.

“There's no science behind this,” says Erickson. "No one has ever measured whether beer before liquor makes you sicker and what does sicker mean?”

Theory No. 2: Mixing alcohol with energy drinks gets you more drunk

This, says, Erickson is true.

“Alcohol's initial effect is stimulation. Caffeine adds to that,” he explains. “You can expect the pharmacology behind that to be correct.”

Theory No. 3: Throwing up will help avoid a hangover

This is true, but only if you visit the porcelain god before the alcohol makes it into your bloodstream.

“If you throw up right after you start drinking, chances are you won't have much of a hangover because very little of it would've had a chance to get into the upper intestine,” Erickson says.

There are a lot of other stories and theories out there, but most are strictly based on experiences and have no scientific backing.

“Scientists are not interested in these types of things. They have many more important things to do,” points out Erickson.

Remember, if you are drinking, the key is moderation and do not get behind the wheel.

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Dr. Carlson Erickson, University of Texas pharmacy professor