"We've been extremely busy this last month with all this cold weather," Ben Dupree from Arrow Exterminators says.

Dupree and his crews work around the clock in winter, becoming a homeowner's hero: saving homes one pest at a time.

But just as the weather changes with the season, so do home intruders.

Dupree says in winter, it's not the ants who come marching in, it's animals.

“You can hear scratching in the walls, you can see it in the roof line, maybe chewing where they're trying to get inside."

"The squirrels, rats, raccoons, trying to get inside and stay warm," Dupree explained.

Dupree says ants and bugs, no matter the weather, are on the hunt for food and water, but their real time to shine is in the coming months.

"In summer when things start blooming, bugs start hatching. They're just more prevalent in the spring and summer than they are in the winter."

So it's verified, bugs aren't the ones bugging you more in the winter time, it's rodents, which isn't a great tradeoff. However, there are some tips to keep these pests out of your home.

"Try and keep trees away from the house. That's an easy way to crawl up into the tree to jump onto the roof line to get into your home," Dupree said.

Also, properly place pet food.

"Keeping dog food, cat food away from your doors, keep it from being outside. Bird feeders -- if you've got them on your deck, keep those away from your home. That's inviting, that's just food for them," Dupree said.

And, of course, prep your pantry.

“Same thing in your pantry -- as much food as you can put in in Tupperware airtight containers, it helps out, not only with the roaches, but with the animals," Dupree continued.

Animals can become unwelcome house guests until bugs come knocking next season.