UPDATE: Escaped inmates CAPTURED

With the escaped inmates still on the loose the tips keep coming in from all across Central Georgia. So WMAZ wanted to verify were any of those tips accurate? Kasandra Ortiz set out to verify the facts.

Sheila Watts was paying special attention on her way home down interstate 16 Wednesday. She says she called the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office after she spotted what she thought was the car driven by the two escaped inmates.

"I was like wow that tag number is the same as the last 4 of my old telephone number. As I was doing that I noticed there were two guys. One was wearing a tan baseball cap and he had it kind of pulled down,” recalls Watts.

She says when she got home she thought she noticed the same car with the same license plate on the news.

"The more I saw it the more I could see them in front of me driving down Interstate 16 and I'm convinced that was them,” says Watts.

Corporal Greg Thomas, who is the Executive Director at Macon Regional Crimestoppers, says none of the tips they have gotten so far have given them any significant leads on the inmates.

"We've gotten a few tips in but anytime the community can help is always a benefit,” says Thomas.

But he says there is a process for verifying these tips.

"First I would ask you do you know what kind of vehicle they're in, can you see the tag number. Do you know how many people are inside the vehicle? All pertinent information that the guys who are going out need to know,” explains Thomas.

He says if the tip checks out he would then send that information to the U.S. Marshalls who would check it out within 24 hours. If it happens to be true that tipster would get a reward.

"It really depends on the amount of information given. It depends on how many people are arrested, how many laws were broken. Just so many factors,” says Thomas.

WMAZ was able verify that those tips reported so far have not been true but they say the community helping out by sending tips is how they will catch those escaped inmates.

If you have any tips about the whereabouts of Donnie Rowe and Ricky DuBose they are asking you to call the U.S. Marshal Service at 877-WANTED 2.

VERIFY Source:

Corporal Greg Thomas, Macon Regional Crimestoppers

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Sheila Watts, Tipster