The KHOU 11 Verify team looked into the legal requirements for riding in the back of a pickup truck after a viewer asked us about it online.

We found that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to ride in the bed of a truck or on an open flatbed trailer.

If police spot a child or teen under 18 on the road, the driver of the vehicle could be ticketed and fined up to $200.

However, there are several situations where one can avoid being prosecuted.

According to the Texas Department of Safety, it is OK if the person is riding in the bed of the truck during an emergency, if the vehicle is being driven on the beach, in a parade or if the driver is taking workers from one field to another on a farm-to-market, ranch-to-market, or county road outside city limits.

The department says you must be able to prove to a judge that the pickup truck was your only vehicle and there was no other option.