A viewer posed the question, "Is a citizen's arrest legal?"

Gabrielle Dawkins set out to verify that answer.

Dublin Police Department, Chief of Police, Tim Chatman, says they've had similar situations happen in the city.

"When you think about citizen's arrest, it doesn't go to the point of a person putting handcuffs on them. It goes to the point of that person blocking their movement or restraining them until law enforcement shows up to the scene," says Chatman.

However, there are moments when it can be unsafe.

"Last week, we had a situation -- an off-duty officer was at a retail store, witnessed a crime occurring, followed that individual, said Chatman. "That individual pulled a gun on the off-duty officer who had his wife in the car."

Chatman says Georgia law, 17-4-60 Arrest by a private person, allows individuals to step in and make an arrest when they witness a crime, but you might want to proceed with caution.

"It's legal to make a citizens arrest, but you better be wise when you do that, and you better know what you're doing when you carry it out," says Chatman.

He says we all have a duty to save a life, and he urges people to call local law enforcement or text in a crime to 478-595-7279 .


Dublin Chief of Police, Tim Chatman.