After nine-plus months, is it possible to get that labor process moving naturally?

Spicy foods, exercise and sex! Can these three things get that baby moving?

Let's introduce you to our verify source – Dr. Diana Racusin specializes in maternal fetal medicine with UT-Health – UT Physicians.

It's been said spicy food can get things moving. That is false – there's no known connection between the two.

But is there another kind of heat that can help – I'm talking about sex.

“Sex is interesting because semen has prostaglandins in it, which prostaglandins are a chemical, actually a medication, that we used to induce labor so that's one of the things that we always kind of throw out there as a possibility of ‘hay this may kind of get things started,’ so for some patients that's a very reasonable way to go,” Racusin said.

So yes – it's true!

We can verify that you may be able to end pregnancy the way you started it.

And finally – exercise – specifically squats and walking.

"I don't think it's going to hurt anything. I always tell people especially if you are walking in Houston, it's hot. Don't go walking outside, don't get dehydrated and send yourself into labor that way,” Racusin said.

Racusin can't say for sure whether it's true or false – but it doesn't hurt to try.


Dr. Diana Racusin, UT-Health – UT physicians