A viewer emailed our Verify Team with a question about Zika and its effect on pregnancy.

As a concerned mom and grandmother, Kathy wants to know how long the Zika virus will stay in the body if a young girl is infected? Also, she asked if it would be safe for her to become pregnant later in life?

Our verify fact checkers decided to take a closer look, and here’s what we found:

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, once a woman has recovered from Zika there is no evidence she will have pregnancy complications from the virus.
  • Right now, they believe you should be immune from ever contracting zika again.
  • However, a lot of research is still being done on Zika.
  • In one case, it was found in a man six months after he was exposed.

In conclusion, we can verify that not only does the CDC say it will be safe to get pregnant later in life, you might actually have added protection.

VERIFY: Sources

Belsie Gonzalez, The Centers for Disease Control