With October 1st just around the corner, that means it is nearly flu season. Though the peak is not for a few months, many places are already urging people to get their flu shot. WMAZ wanted to verify a question Gail Carroll left on our Facebook page, "When should patients get them?"

We set out to get an answer on, “Is it too early to get the flu shot?” Kasandra Ortiz verified this with two sources. She spoke to Hannah Head with the Kroger Pharmacy on Zebulon Road and Beverlyn Ming, the Nursing Manager at the Macon-Bibb Health Department.

It starts with common cold symptoms and sneezing. At this time of year, that normally means one thing, the flu.

"It typically starts with a high fever, body aches and pains, cold symptoms, and maybe nausea and vomiting,” says Head.

Though Head at the Kroger Pharmacy on Zebulon Road says you can get the flu at any time of year, the peak of the season is quickly approaching for Georgians.

"Typically in Georgia, the flu peaks in December and February, though we do see cases earlier and later,” explains Head.

But they say the worst of it has yet to come. The flu shot is a quick and virtually painless step that could save you from some major sickness later.

"That's it, it's just a pinch for a second. You may feel the medication, then it's over,” says Ming.

She says getting the shot could save you some money, too.

"If you get the flu, you're going to go to the hospital to your health care provider and possibly have to pay a copay,” says Ming.

Both health care professionals agree.

"Now is a good time to get the flu shot. I got my flu shot around the end of August,” says Ming.

The sooner you get the flu shot the better.

"Now is a good time to get your flu shot and be protected now. I got mine last Tuesday,” says Head.

So WMAZ was able verify that is it false, it is not too early to get your flu shot. They say it is better to be safe than sorry.

For those of you still looking to get a flu shot, you can go to your local pharmacy. Kroger donates a meal to a local food bank for every flu shot given.

Also the Macon-Bibb Health Department will be holding a flu clinic Friday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Emery Highway. For those who are uninsured, it will be $25 for a regular dose and $55 for a high dose.