Several people in a Jones County Facebook group are saying Tri-County EMC is charging them for power they are not receiving. We sat down with Greg Mullis from Tri-County to verify.

“We're just asking for people to be patient. It takes time and there's just a lot of damage,” says Mullis.

Since Monday, Greg Mullis says Tri-County EMC has been hard at work bringing power back to about 18,000 Jones County houses.

“We all know with the power out, they didn't use anything,” says Mullis.

Mullis says people who prepay their bills will still see charges whenever the power goes out.

“Normally, it will take the last ten days' average usage and just estimate that for that day,” says Mullis.

But he says it is just a technical glitch.

“The computer system will talk to the meter, true up that account, and their balance will be correct as if they used no power during that time,” says Mullis.

We verified that, no, Tri-County is not charging people for power they are not getting.

“We apologize for the confusion, but it’s just kind of part of the way technology works, and sometimes when disasters happen, things don’t go to plan,” says Mullis.

Mullis says the charge should go away 24 hours after power get their power back.

We also reached out to Georgia Power and Flint Energies to ask about their billing practices during outages. They say they also do not charge when people do not get power.