Bibb Commissioners are debating whether or not to give an alcohol license to the new sports bar that is opening where Wings Cafe once was. That is the same bar that shut down after a fatal shooting in December of 2014.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis sat down with commissioners to discuss the issue.

“Last time we really had a, if you want to call it a gang fight or a gang shooting, was the wings café,” says Davis.

So we wanted to verify: Was the last gang shooting in Bibb County at Wings Cafe?

We took a look at some shootings we have covered since the shooting at Wings Café.

A year later, in December of 2015, Ta'shuntis Roberts was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting.

Davis told us in 2015, "Ta'shuntis paid the ultimate price in a gang fight that targeted her home."

Then in August of this year, Johntellis Montez Mathis shot two men at a Waffle House. Mathis received several charges including criminal street gang activity.

So we verified that, no, the last gang shooting in Bibb County was not at Wings Cafe. There have been some since then.

We sat down with Davis to see why he said that.

“It's gang-organized and gang-sanctioned versus non-gang-sanctioned, non-gang-organized and just a personal member of the gang getting into some kind of conflict with a person,” says Davis.

Davis says when he made the statement, he was referring to entire gangs targeting another gang rather than just one or a few members of a gang targeting someone else like in Roberts and Mathis case.