On September 11, Tropical Storm Irma came through Central Georgia. Now, exactly 3 months later, crews are still cleaning up.

Bibb County Emergency Management Director Spencer Hawkins says crews have been working nonstop.

"The only days that we've had off are the days that have been some significant rain and a few days around Thanksgiving," resulting in impressive cleanup numbers.

"We just crossed the 69,000 cubic yards marks, " Hawkins continued, "which is a significant amount of debris."

It's hard to believe there's still more to clean up, but will it interfere with Christmas trash pick up?

Keldric Scott of Debris Tech has been working in Bibb County since the storm. He says they'll be done before Christmas.

"We've got only about a week left, a week-and-a-half maybe, at the most."

Hawkins, who has been working with and monitoring the cleanup says even if they didn't finish before Christmas, there still would be no speed bumps with collecting post-holiday trash.

"We contracted with Southern Disaster Recovery, and their sole job is to focus on Irma debris removal," Hawkins continues, "And we did that specifically so we wouldn't have the additional impact on our standard solid waste services."

Scott agrees, saying Christmas cleanup is not his job.

"No, ma'am, we have nothing to do with that."

So it's verified, holiday cleanup won't be affected, and Irma aftermath is almost at full recovery.

If you still need debris to be picked up, call the Macon-Bibb Emergency Management Agency at 478-832-6300.