The new Amazon fulfillment center in Macon will pick, pack, and ship to several Southeast states by the end of 2018. News of the project stirred up a conversation about deliveries on our Facebook Page.

Nick Edgar wrote, “Same day delivery folks. Yes, that’s what this is going to bring. Run out of toleit paper before work? Order it at Amazon and have it on your front door when you come home.” Andrew Pedone says, "Sweet! Same day delivery incoming!" But Virginia Mince isn't so sure. She wrote, "The city I currently reside in has a ginormous Amazon warehouse. Same day delivery never happens."

We set out to Verify, will your local packages be delivered in Macon faster? Yvonne Thomas has new information from Ashley Robinson, who works in the Communications Office at Amazon.

According to Amazon's website, standard shipping within the U.S. is four to five business days, but when a fulfillment center moves into a city, Robinson says that can shorten local delivery times in that area. "It can mean faster shipping speeds and increased inventory selection for local buyers,” said Robinson in an email sent to WMAZ. In some regions, we can provide same-day or one-day delivery."

But does this guarantee that all your Amazon purchases will arrive that fast? Robinson says not quite, and there are two reasons why. First, the center will ship to more places than just Macon. Robinson says the future 1 million square foot facility in Macon "could ship packages to customers all across the globe."

But Robinson states the primary goal of this facility is to "serve customers throughout the southeast" in states like Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Here's the second reason why your package may not arrive early: our new center may not ship or store the items that you've ordered.

Amazon released this statement on Tuesday stating, "Employees will pick, pack, and ship large-sized items for customers, including household furniture, sporting equipment, and gardening tools."

So we verified that the answer is false. Local Amazon deliveries can be delivered faster in Macon, but only if the items are in stock and if the shipment schedule allows.

Robinson says, the only way to guarantee one-day shipping is to click that option when you check out your shopping cart.