More than half a million people work in the health care industry in Georgia, according to the Labor Department.

Thousands of those workers have reason to be worried about their future.

For this Verify report, 11Alive's Ryan Kruger checked with three non-partisan organizations, the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, the Commonwealth fund and the Congressional Budget Office, to find out if Georgia jobs will be impacted by the Senate health care bill.

The CBO hasn't scored this latest bill, yet. That will probably come next week.

But, since there have been no changes to the Medicaid cuts, let's just stick to the previous estimate that 15 million people will lose their Medicaid coverage under the bill.

Because of that, the Commonwealth fund says the bill will kill nearly a million jobs nationwide by 2026. Most of those cuts will come in health care, but other industries will likely also be impacted.

What does that mean locally?

Over at the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, Laura Harker estimates the state of Georgia will lose 16,000 jobs under the new federal health care legislation.

How is that possible?

The health care industry is cyclical. Therefore, if fewer people have health insurance that means the hospitals won't be getting as much money. If they don't have as much money then they will likely be forced to lay people off.

Remember that under Obamacare, the health care industry, which was already massive, saw huge job gains.

So, after checking multiple sources we can verify that yes, the Senate Health Care bill threatens jobs in Georgia.

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