Ronald Johnson served in the United States Army. Now, he is giving back to people who are just like him.

"The life of a veteran is extremely different from the normal individual. You’re trained to fight, but you’re not trained to come home," Johnson said.

Johnson says he delivers food to veterans who are less fortunate one to two times a week, but he was helping them long before he started making his current deliveries. "We used to go out and pick them up, and we would take them to the food pantries in the middle Georgia area," he said.

Now, he's able to help the veterans adjust through the Veteran Pantry Pilot Program. Volunteers at the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank pack the boxes and send them to the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center. Then, Johnson makes deliveries. He starts with the homeless program at the VA called "Hud-vash." He says he finds the others at random.

Lisa Franklin at the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank says she hopes to expand the program to include fresh fruits and vegetables, but she calls this a good start. "They served our country and we’re honored to be able to return that to them," she said.

If you know anyone who is in need of the services provided by the Veteran Pantry Pilot program, you can contact the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin.