Carl Knight is a retired Navy veteran whose life changed in an instant when a motorcycle ride through Soperton ended with him being hit by a truck.

Just as the crash itself shocked the motorcyclist of 50 years, so did the strong tie he had with the man who came to his rescue.

Gabrielle Dawkins shows us the special bond the two men have now.

“The Navy, I think, gave me the backbone I have today,” says Knight.

Carl Knight didn't receive his biggest scar onboard a ship at sea. It was on April 30th after a motorcycle accident.

“Out of nowhere, this truck just hit me, and that's all I know. I didn't wake up for a week and a half,” said Knight.

He was on his way to an annual event for homeless veterans at the Carl Vinson VA Hospital in Dublin. However, little did he know that another veteran, Dr. George Ferrara, would stop and help save his life.

“His leg was pretty badly mangled and he was bleeding pretty badly from it. Noting that the EMS had really not gotten started, I just lended a hand,” said Ferrara.

After waking up a week later, Knight went under the knife twice. He had two surgeries, one time for amputating his leg, and the second for fixing his broken ribs.

Ferrara says he was just in the right place at the right time, but Knight sees it differently.

“I call it Harley Angels had showed up, and if it hadn't have been for them, I wouldn't be here today,” says Knight.

Cards of positivity and encouragement line his windowsill, but it takes a strong person to climb over these obstacles.

“That takes an incredible will and perseverance, and incredible will and perseverance to overcome that adversity he's overcome,” said Knight.

Knight says he’s thankful for each day.

Knight's in a wheelchair now, but his goal is to walk out of the VA Medical Center in one month with his new prosthetic leg.

“Each day, I thank God that he gave me another day that I can be here,” said Knight.