The state constitution of Georgia offers rights to criminally-accused defendants, but victims of those crimes they commit don’t have any.  Senator John Kennedy wants to change that.

“The rights for victims of that criminal conduct is not in the constitution. It's just in our laws and statutes,” Kennedy said.

He wrote a resolution to improve the rights for the victims of crime in Georgia.

“We ought to elevate victims’ rights to be on an equal footing with the accused," Kennedy said. “I thought something that was appropriate and something that we ought to do in Georgia.”

His resolution, a proposed constitutional amendment, only got approval from the Senate during this year’s session.

Kennedy says the amendment would do basically two things.

“If you’re a victim of crime in this state, you ought to be notified in the event of any activity regarding the case where you’re the victim,” Kennedy said. “You ought have the chance to be heard in that underlying criminal proceeding.”

The resolution just waits for house approval, they can pick it up when they return in January of 2018. Voters would decide its ultimate fate on the 2018 ballot.