A vigil was held at First Baptist Church in High Falls for Christian Burdette on Friday.

Burdette lost his life at High Falls State Park after he and his brother, James Burdette, were swept away by the current and fell about 20 feet.

At the church, which is about a mile away from where the accident took place, family and friends released balloons around 7 p.m.

Before the balloon releasing, church leaders held a small ceremony in Christian's honor in conjunction with their normal Wednesday night activities for children.

Friends and family all dressed in his favorite color cried and held each other.

Jordan Harmon, Christian's youth leader, says he watched Christian mature as a young believer, and his personality is one everyone will remember.

Almost everybody he impacted showed up to hold a balloon, say a prayer and share a memory.

"Christian was a light you couldn't help but notice him; he was either running around and being told Christian stop running or he was sitting down talking to someone he didn't know at all," Harmon said.

"He would come up to you and talk to you and within seconds, you'll be communicating with him and being a friend that's the kind of friendship he shared with everybody," family friend Don King mentioned. "We'll always have Christian in our thoughts because Chistian was such an example of Christ."

Funeral arrangements have yet to be made for Christian.