Madison Cavalchire met up with volunteers Thursday morning from Keep Warner Robins Beautiful, and they're making it their mission to clean up Wellston Trail and Bay Gall Creek.

These volunteers say keeping Warner Robins beautiful isn't always an easy job.

"It's just disappointing to see how disgusting everything gets," Joseph McFarland said.

Disappointing because, volunteers say, this area is a one-of-a-kind spot in Warner Robins.

"This area is basically Warner Robins' only park," Joseph McFarland said. "I mean, there are a few places. All of the churches have a little something, but this green way is really the biggest area for people in Warner Robins to congregate."

These volunteers say Bay Gall Creek needs special attention because trash just collects there.

"This area is an overflow for the Ocmulgee, so you've got to think, trash just comes from everywhere and congregates here after all the rain evaporates," Bethany Borum said.

That's why the group Keep Warner Robins Beautiful is teaming up with these Georgia Military College students, and anyone else who wants to volunteer, to clean this place up.

They all agree that cleaning up does a lot more than just help the environment.

"It keeps a positive attitude in Warner Robins," Cornelia Seabold said. "You know, keep our streets clean, and it'll make everyone feel better."

If you'd like to join in on the cleanup, volunteers will be meeting on Saturday, November 5th, at Wellston Trail.

Keep Warner Robins Beautiful says they do a big cleanup at Bay Gall Creek at least once a year.