This year, Warner Robins has the highest number of early voters compared to any other municipal election in the last ten years, according to the city’s elections supervisor.

Jacob Reynolds spent a few hours at the polls on Friday to ask voters what issues were influencing their vote this year.

We talked to 25 people on the last day of early voting and they told us several different reasons that influenced their vote.

But all of them said the mayor's race was the reason they came out to vote.

Michelina Foster says she was supporting current Mayor Randy Toms because she felt the city was headed in the right direction.

“I think that Warner Robins is growing and it's being run beautifully as it is but I but I think we have many years of good hope and growth in front of us,” Foster said.

But another voter, Mavis Van Bibber, didn't see it that way.

“My concern is crime. It's gotten worse, and we've had several shootings this year and I'd like to stop it,” Bibber said after voting.

Bibber did not tell us who she voted for, but said one of the mayoral candidates did give ideas that she liked besides hiring more officers.

“Recruiting retired police officers and retired Air Force police to help,” Bibber said.

We reported on the candidates’ views on suppressing crime earlier this week.

Eight voters told us they chose based on the candidates' personalities and recent history.

Three others, besides Bibber, said crime was a concern and 2 said recreation was a driving factor.

One voter told us she was voting based on city budgeting and had cast her ballot for Joe Musselwhite.

Another woman told us, “Everything” was a concern. She voted for Chuck Shaheen.

Six other voters told us they felt it was their obligation as citizens to participate in elections, and did not name a specific issue that drove them to the polls.

Election Day in Warner Robins and across Central Georgia is November 7th. Early voting ended at 5:00p.m. on Friday.