For the second consecutive year, the Warner Robins Air Logistic Complex (WR-ALC) was honored by the Pentagon as the top depot maintenance unit in the U.S. Air Force, according to a release from Robins Air Force Base.

The award was announced by the Pentagon as the 2016 recipient in a March 2 email from the Pentagon. They were also given the award for 2015.

"Only champions truly know how hard it is to win repeat titles," Brigadier General John Kubinec, who leads the WR-ALC, said in the release. "It's a tremendous achievement to capture a single MEA (maintenance Effectiveness Award). To win such an honor for two years running is beyond extraordinary.

As a result of this award, the WR-ALC is the Air Force's nominee for the Secretary of Defense's Maintenance Award.

The WR-ALC was given the award because it "distinguished itself by accomplishing superior aircraft maintenance," a citation of the award said. The complex also "demonstrated outstanding results in innovation, performance, and efficiency across the entire spectrum of mission challenges, resulting in the best production, financial, safety and quality statistics in the past six years."

According to the release, the complex outperformed their expectations during the 2016 fiscal year. The 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit delivered 182 of 179 planned C-5, C-17, C-130 and F-15 aircrafts back to form and increased its due date performance by 17%.

The complex also achieved a 55% reduction in injuries and a 50% reduction in acceptance inspection deficiency reports, along with a 69% reduction in recordable property damage.

The WR-ALC also ended the 2016 fiscal year with a profit of $119 million in their net operating revenue, which was $89.4 million above what was expected.