The Warner Robins Independence Day Celebration will be held on June 30th this year.

At Monday night’s City Council meeting the city approved the contract for the fireworks display.

The contract says the City will pay East Coast Pyrotechnics $45,000 for the display.

Mayor Randy Toms said he already made one request with the company after last year's celebration.

Warner Robins Council meeting on March 20, 2017

The City wants the fireworks set to patriotic music, which the Mayor says did not happen last year.

“For some reason, last year, it just got left out of the mix. That's the number one complaint that we heard from last year and we didn't hear many complaints believe it or not, but the one complaint that we heard more than once was no patriotic music during the fireworks,” Toms said.

Mayor Toms said the City is still working on finding a headliner for the concert.

The City Council also approved new regulations for drone users in the International City.

The new regulations prohibit a few things:

Using drones above Watson Boulevard, Russell Parkway, Houston Lake Road, Highway 96, Moody Road, and Davis Drive.

Any scene where public safety personnel are present.

Above any privately owned property without permission.

As well as above any government, public buildings, property, or parks.

Councilman Tim Thomas said privacy was one of the City's main concerns.

“If there's a crime scene or there's a say an officer that's been shot and killed, nothing preventing a drone flying over recording live on Facebook. We wanted to prevent that because, God forbid, we do have that happen and an officer's down and a family member sees it on Facebook before we can even notify them,” Thomas said.

The new rules take effect in any Warner Robins airspace below 400 feet.

The Council approved a new curfew for city parks. Now, the parks will close at dusk each night.

Colonel Mark Weber with the Air National Guard also gave a presentation to the City Council. He commands the 116th Air Control Wing, which operates the JSTARS or Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.

Colonel Weber said he wanted the 116th to become a better partner with the City and as part of that, wanted to explain more of what they do. The 116th has spent 21 years in Warner Robins and is based at Robins Air Force Base. He explained the importance of the 116th’s work around the world, as well as in Warner Robins with projects like Wellston Park.