Your chance to speak directly to those who lead your community is coming this Thursday for folks in Warner Robins.

A community-sponsored town hall will start at 7:00p.m. on Thursday night.

James Bremory and his fiancé moved to Warner Robins last September.

The USMC veteran said so far they've enjoyed the city.

“Very nice, it's pleasant. The people here are definitely nice. Had to get used to that southern hospitality, because up in Virginia it's no good morning, hey how you doing or how was your day,” Bremory told WMAZ.

But in his six months here, Bremory has noticed an increase in criminal activity.

“I've noticed a lot of domestic violence, some disturbances in certain parts of Warner Robins. It's like there's one section you can go in and it's nothing, then it's another section where you go in and you definitely don't' want to leave your car running,” Bremory said.

Thursday night at Agape Outreach Ministries, Bremory and others can make their concerns known to city leaders.

The Fire Department and the Board of Education will make presentations. WRFD is supposed to discuss public fire safety and the Board of Education representative will be discussing youth mental health.

City officials are also supposed to give an update about ongoing city projects. There will be a question and answer session at the end.

Pastor Daron Lee said town halls give people an opportunity to have their voices heard.

“It was just really to hear the needs and address the needs of the people and try our best as a municipality to answer the call,” Lee said.

Lee said anyone is invited and if they come they should bring a friend. The church is expecting 75 to 100 people to show up.

Bremory lives very close to the church here and told WMAZ his other concern, besides crime, was improving and adding to the City's parks.

The town hall starts at 7:00p.m. Thursday night at Agape Outreach Ministries at 295 North Davis Drive.