In a surprising move, the Warner Robins city council voted unanimously Monday evening to leave their contract with the Cry Wolf false alarm monitoring company.

The company was supposed to monitor false alarm calls from businesses and residences, but never got off the ground.

Initial registration last year was critiqued heavily after the company allegedly sent intrusive questionnaires to people about their homes and businesses.

Just last week, police announced they had worked out the problems and would implement the system. But Mayor Randy Toms says criticism began again after the announcement.

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“We got a lot of complaints from a lot of citizens, even as recent as this morning,” said Toms. “When I stopped somewhere for breakfast, an elderly gentleman stopped me and said 'Mayor can y'all please reconsider this alarm ordinance?’”

The mayor says the city was unhappy with the direction the agreement was going and the decision could cost the city up to $24,000.

Though the decision was unanimous, councilwoman Carolyn Robbins was not in attendance.