Some Georgia fans are watching the game a little closer than here in Central Georgia.

Marvin James met up with a Warner Robins couple in Pasadena who made the trek across the country to cheer on the Bulldogs.

You may remember the couple we introduced you to last week with the viral video of Connie Bibb surprising her husband Charlie with Rose Bowl tickets for Christmas.

“Well, we saw the parade, we didn't make it to Disneyland. We were on our way here…she left the tickets in the car, so we had to turn around. It's been crazy, but we made it to the parade, we've seen the Dawg Walk,” said Charlie. “We're pumped and ready for this game to start.”

“I'm looking forward to Jake and the Bulldogs bringing home a win tonight, go dawgs go dawgs,” said Connie.

Marvin James and Jonathan Perez will have game highlights and more later this evening.