A Warner Robins employee is now suing the city after he says he was unfairly blamed for a fake email.

John “Trey” Hildebrand III argues he was implicated in a fake open records request email sent to the city in 2015, according to the lawsuit.

The request was filed under the name of a Macon Telegraph reporter. The reporter told city officials he never made the request.

According to documents obtained by 13 WMAZ in an open records request, Hildebrand and his father were implicated in sending the email after Mayor Randy Toms asked them to try and track down where it had come from.

Hildebrand eventually took a polygraph test in early 2016. The polygraph report accused Hildebrand of “not being truthful.” Hildebrand was later fired, and then was rehired in the summer of 2016.

In the lawsuit, delivered to Warner Robins officials Monday, it says “Mayor Randy Toms encouraged Plaintiff [Hildebrand] to become involved in a clandestine investigation.”

The lawsuit later says Hildebrand was threatened with criminal charges and “loss of employment” by the Warner Robins Police Department in February of 2016. It also says, “Plaintiff was accused by Mayor Randy Toms and other City personnel of lying about a crime that never occurred.”

It also accuses the City of releasing, “False and misleading information to the news media.”

The lawsuit continues that after an agreement was reached in July of 2016, Hildebrand was given his job back, but with a lesser title and unfair restrictions.

At the end of the lawsuit, it says they want Hildebrand’s original title back, back pay, attorney fees, and a removal of the restrictions.

The lawsuit was filed in Houston County Superior Court.