A Warner Robins family of six has been without their father for six months. Mother and wife Tracie Huff says they're without answers, too.

Now she's asking the community for help, and for police, not to give up.

"It's like a dream," Huff said. "We're just waiting to wake up."

A soulmate, best friend, husband, and father, shot and killed in his own driveway.

It happened six months ago, but for the wife and five kids that Willie "Joe" Huff left behind, those months feel like eternity.

"My five-year-old told my mom, his grandma, that he wanted to be hit by a car so he could go to heaven to be with his dad," Huff said. "His pain is so unbearable that he wants to go and get hit just so he can be with his daddy again."

Huff says on October 23, 2016, Joe was returning home from a quick trip to the corner store.

"A part of me felt like I sent him to the store to get a drink, and then at that store somebody followed him home and that's the night he lost his life," Huff said. "He was just getting out of the truck and they attempted to rob him and killed him."

That's what Warner Robins investigators told her about her husband's case.

"I've been told that there was a suspect and they just haven't got him in custody," Huff said.

Jennifer Parson with Warner Robins Police wouldn't confirm or deny there's a suspect, but she did say Huff's case is an active investigation.

An investigation that Tracie hopes will find her husband's killer -- and her heartbroken family -- justice.

"It hurts," Huff said. "I wish you [Joe] could come and tell me who did this so we can move on."

Anyone with information on Willie "Joe" Huff's case can contact Warner Robins Detective Justin Clark at 478-302-5380.