On Monday, millions of kids will go door-to-door, trick-or-treating for candy. It's a tradition that some parents in Central Georgia, just don't think is safe anymore.

Our Madison Cavalchire spoke with one family in Warner Robins that's doing something a little different this Halloween.

To trick-or-treat, or not? That's the question some parents in Central Georgia are asking this year.

"The blades and stuff being put into the candy," said Mary McLeroy. "That's my biggest fear."

So instead of trick-or-treating, the McLeroy family is celebrating by going to local church festivals.

"We carve pumpkins, cupcakes, we do the little trunk-or-treat thing," said McLeroy.

Tom McLeroy says all of this clown hysteria is just another reason to ditch going door-to-door.

"At first it was all fun and games, but now just too many people are doing it, and you just don't know which way, you know," said Tom. "I take it all serious."

Rebecca Turner says she understands those fears, but she's not letting it stop her kids from trick-or-treating.

"I say don't be worried about Halloween, just go trick-or-treating," said Turner. "Take your kids out, just keep them on a tight leash."

But Mary McLeroy says that's a risk she's not willing to take.

"Like when we were kids, we could go out to neighborhood to neighborhood and parents not worry about it," said McLeroy. "I'm not having that. This is safe. They know each other. They know if they get candy from us, they can eat the candy."

The McLeroy family says on Halloween, they'll be going to a festival and trunk-or-treat at The Assembly at Warner Robins church, instead of trick-or-treating.