Warner Robins Council took time Tuesday night to honor public safety as well as add to it.

After approving it in this year's budget, they officially added five more positions to the Warner Robins Police Department.

The move increased the number of police officers from 69 to 74.

Warner Robins Chief Brett Evans says the positions are already open and ready for applicants.

He said his officers took note of the final approval and other measures approved this year.

“So they've passed a couple of things now that has been significant to them. Increasing the officers by five in the budget was one, and the pay scale study was the second one. So, both of those things have been very positive and had a terrific influence on the department,” Evans said after the meeting.

Warner Robins Council also honored six firefighters who saved a life in the spring.

Warner Robins firefighters honored

The crew rescued a woman from one of the burning apartments at Lenox Pointe Luxury apartments in Warner Robins back in April.

She was taken to the hospital and did make a full recovery from smoke inhalation.

Four members of the six-person crew were there and received Valor Awards for saving a life. They also were awarded a state of Georgia valor award.

The rescued woman was in attendance to see the men get their awards.