Central Georgia gun enthusiasts will soon have a new place to shoot in Warner Robins.

Jacob Reynolds talked to a gun and pawn shop owner about why he's opening the Warner Robins’ first indoor gun range.

Patrick Young has operated the Centerville Gun & Pawn Inc. since 2006.

He says Central Georgia, specifically Warner Robins, needs an indoor gun range.

“We sell a lot of hand guns to new people, especially women, it's a growing demographic. The two questions we always hear is, can you teach me single things for this gun? Because there's nowhere to go. Or, where can I go?” Young said in his shop on Friday.

Young hopes that by early 2018, shooters can come to his gun range off South Houston Lake Road.

He says the range will go behind his existing store and have 15 shooting lanes and a simulator. 3 of those 15 lanes will allow shooters to use long guns, rifles, and shotguns.

The range will also offer classes with certified instructors.

But, he says neighbors won't need to worry about the noise.

“We plan on doing six inch poured concrete walls and poured concrete ceilings. So, typically, I would say you're not going to hear any noise outside of the range but it's hard to say you're not going to hear any noise,” Young said.

Young says Warner Robins Council passed a sound ordinance this week in preparation for his new range.

The ordinance will limit the sound that can come from indoor gun ranges to 65 decibels. On Friday, Young said that was an industry standard. The ordinance also says all lead and powder has to be removed according to EPA standards.

Young says the range will bring in new money for Warner Robins and Houston County.

“For the new property taxes we're estimating we'll bring $1,700 a month in taxes for the city and the county. That doesn't include sales tax and other associated costs. But that $1,700 a month just in property tax on the new expansion,” he said.

He estimates the project's cost at $3 million.

Young says he expects to break ground at the beginning of the summer. The range will open in late January or early February of 2018.

It’ll cost $15 a day to use the range once it opens. However, people can become members for $30 a month. Young says the membership will come with discounts for ammunition, rentals, classes, and the simulator.

Thursday nights at the range will be ‘Zombie Nights.’ The range will use black lights, zombie targets, and lowered lighting.

Centerville Gun & Pawn is located at 327 S Houston Lake Road.