Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms said he needs more information before giving his approval to a new park in the city receiving $170,000 in additional funding.

Jim Taylor is one of the men leading the project off Watson Boulevard.

He said it's like they're on the ten-yard line and need more cash from the City before getting into the end zone.

But, Mayor Randy Toms said he's not ready for Warner Robins to sign that big of a check.

Anjolie Nicolas and her family live at the Wellston Ridge Apartments just down the road from the almost finished Wellston Park off Watson Boulevard.

Nicolas said she supports the project for her and her four-year-old son.

Wellston Park in Warner Robins

“I am, because usually I'll go to the Fountain Park for him, but that's right there so it's a little more convenient. And then all the other kids around here, you know a lot of times they play in the parking lot. There's a bunch of cars,” Nicolas said.

Nicolas said her and her son would use the park about three times a week. She also said the city's parks need an upgrade.

Jim Taylor said Sunday Wellston Park needs more money to help finish the dog parks, grassy area, gazebo, walking path, and potentially install an amphitheater.

But when Nicolas heard the price tag of $170,000 she had her concerns.

“It's a lot considering the first budget was a 100,000, but I think if it's for a good cause maybe. I'm not 100% sure on whether it's the best thing for Warner Robins,” Nicolas said.

Mayor Toms has his questions about the cost as well.

“I don't know yet if all that money is number one, needed, and if we're going to do the amphitheater over there so. I just know this, I'm not going to be the one to say we're going to end up with that much community involvement from everyone that's helped out to make this park happen and leave it half finished,” Toms said in his office Monday.

Toms did say he fully supports finishing the park but is not sold on the amphitheater. He cited the work done by volunteers, the military, and organizations like the Boy Scouts as reasons the City needed to finish the park.

He said he needs more proof this part of the city needs it and that the amphitheater would bring in revenue.

Toms said he hopes the city can decide quickly, but could not guarantee the Council would vote on it at their next meeting on March 20th.