Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms unveiled his first budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018

At Monday night's pre-council meeting, Mayor Toms unveiled his proposed $41.8 million general fund budget.

Warner Robins Council meeting

Even though the budget would increase, the millage rate would not.

“No, right now there's not a millage rate increase,” Toms said in his office.

In 2017, the City's general fund budget was approved at $39.8 million, so Toms is proposing a $2 million increase.

Mayor Toms says he thinks revenues will beat expectations.

“Warner Robins is growing again and that's an exciting thing and so I think we're going to see more of a growth than has been predicted in this budget,” Toms said.

In 2017, revenues were $40,017,900. In 2018, the expected revenues will total $41,874,340. However, that increase does include $2,687,141 that would come from the City’s reserve funds.

Under the proposed budget, Public Safety would increase $1,242,175.

Judicial and Recreation department spending would increase by more than $500,000 each.

But Toms says Recreation is taking existing costs from Public Works.

“Some personnel, which always adds a lot of costs, ongoing costs. We had some personnel, 5 in fact, that moved over from public works to recreation,” Toms said after the meeting.

Combining all City funds, operations for the city of Warner Robins in fiscal 2018 will be $101,712,456, according to the proposal.

Warner Robins will have a public hearing on the budget on June 5th.

Public Safety accounts for 56-percent of the proposed 2018 General Fund Budget, according to the proposal documents.