Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms says he plans to call a special session June 29th to hold a vote on passing a new budget.

Mayor and Council failed to approve the fiscal year 2018 budget at Monday night’s council meeting.

A Warner Robins ordinance says the budget must be approved by July first. City leaders did not agree on how or if to implement a pay scale study that would adjust salaries for city employees with a price tag of up to $1.5 million.

Fixing the pay scale would get rid of the city’s salary compression, which means new employees are often making the same thing as their more experienced coworkers.

The Mayor says this year they could pull from the reserve funds to adjust the salaries, but that is not sustainable year after year.

“I think if we continue to take we're going to be down to three months reserve. So, that's not our plan. I think we're going to come up with a solution. Nobody wants to talk about raising the millage rate, it's not popular. But if everybody looks at the fact that we've got to find a way to retain quality employees,” Toms said in his office.

Two possible solutions the city has discussed are raising the millage rate one mill or raising the city's utility rates to bring in the money necessary to adjust the salaries after this year.

In May, WMAZ reported that the city’s reserves sat at more than $14 million. But, the city has already pledged more than $2.5 million to other projects like recreation.

There are roughly 550 city employees and just under 75,000 people in Warner Robins.

If Warner Robins does not pass a budget before July 1st, they would be unable to pay bills or employees until a new budget is approved. Mayor Toms says he does not expect that to happen this year because of the special session on June 29th.

Mayor Toms says he does support implementing the pay scale.