On Friday, the City of Warner Robins held the official ribbon cutting for the newly renovated City Hall and the new Veterans Park just outside.

“It's very fortunate that our names are here right alongside each other, so that's me and that's him,” said Joe Richardson on Friday.

Richardson now has something to show off right in front of City Hall. His and his four brothers’ names are carved in stone as a way to honor veterans.

He calls it a reunion of sorts.

“This is the first time that I could go to one single place and see all 5 of us and recognize the contribution that we made as servicemen for our nation all in one place,” Richardson said.

Between the five brothers, they have nearly 70 years of military service. 2 served in the Army, 2 in the Air Force, and 1 in the Navy.

Richardson says he's thankful his City is showing its appreciation.

It's all part of a $4 million renovation to City Hall.

Mayor Randy Toms called it one of the bigger achievements of his time as mayor.

“I mean it was built and opened up in the early 70s, so to open up this building with the renovations is pretty incredible, so I think it ranks pretty high,” Toms said.

The project made improvements to the council chambers, technology used in the building, and improved and added office space.

But Toms' favorite part of City Hall now sits outside, and still takes his breath away.

“It wells up an emotion in me and I hope for many many years to come, this piece and being able to come out here and touch it and see it and especially see it for the first time will well up emotions in everybody that comes out here and takes a look at it,” Toms said while touching the piece of steel.

The piece of steel is from the World Trade Center, attacked on September 11th, now secure in its final resting place.

Toms said he also appreciates having his own dad’s name engraved in the Veterans Park’s Navy section.

The City started construction back in January of 2016.