The Warner Robins Recreation Department and park organizers say a new park in the International City needs more funding before completion.

Wellston Park in Warner Robins is a work in progress. When it officially opens in June of this year it'll boast the city's first official dog park.

Melanie Humphrey said that would be great for her dog Pepper.

“So, we wouldn't have to walk him on the side of the road, or in the road, and if it's officially a dog park, you know, it's great for the animals,” Humphrey said.

It may not look like it now, but Wellston Park organizers say the park will have two dog parks for small and large breeds.

It’ll also have a 3-acre lawn area for families, a gazebo overlooking the park, a mile and a half paved trail, office space, and potentially an amphitheater for community performances.

But to do all that, Jim Taylor said they'll need roughly $170,000 more.

“We're on about the ten-yard line. So, we don't want to do what the Falcons did, we actually want to kick the field goal, get the ring, kiss the girl, go home. But in order to do that, we need some extra funding,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the $170,000 would cover everything left to finish the park.

He also said that after $1.4 million of donated time, resources, and work, the city has a responsibility to finish the park the right way.

The property was donated, as were resources from Houston County and the military. Taylor called it a true ‘community’ park after all the work and time that has gone into it from donations.

They presented their proposal to the city council at last week's meeting. Taylor says he expects a vote at the council's next meeting.

Melanie Humphrey had some advice for the Council.

“I would definitely, I would say do it. Because, we need it. It would be great for the whole community,” Humphrey said.

Taylor hopes the money gets approved so humans and pets alike have a new place to stroll come June.

The City already approved $100,000 for the park back in January of 2016. Taylor says they've used about $70,000, but still need more.

The Council's next meeting is on March 20.