Edward Dyson knows hunger is an issue in Warner Robins.

"Reality has shown men that there is a need (for food)," said Dyson.

He helps run the food pantry at Warner Robins' First Baptist Church on Garmon Street. The pantry gives out meal supplies every Wednesday. Dyson says he enjoys helping those in need and they typically appreciate his church's assistance, too.

"I know that many of them are so satisfied when they say, 'Thank you, I'll see you next time,'" said Dyson.

Now, the Warner Robins Police Department is asking groups like Dyson's for help.

"Organizations in the community that can support those in need can call us. We'll put them on an on-call list and if we do come across someone who is truly in need, we can call this outside organization to come and help them," said Warner Robins Police Department Public Information Officer Jennifer Parson.

The request for volunteers comes a little over a week after the Warner Robins City Council voted to ban aggressive panhandling. Parson says before the ordinance was passed some took advantage of well meaning people.

"There are also people who are preying on the good hearts of those in Warner Robins who aren't actually in need," said Parson.

But for those who, as Parson put it, are truly in need, the department hopes to use the list to connect people with the assistance they require. It's a task Dyson says his church is up to.

"Would we like to be a part of that? I think we are and if we're not I hope we will be," said Dyson.

If you'd like to speak with someone about getting your organization on the list, you can contact police department spokesperson Jennifer Parson at 478-302-5417.