When airmen decide to retire from Robins Air Force Base, the Warner Robins Police Department want them to trade in their camo for a badge.

“The dedication that the members of the Warner Robins Police Department have go right along the line of what our Air Force members have already experienced,” Lt. Scott Webb with the Warner Robins Police Department said. “They’ve served our country and now they can serve our community.”

He says he left the Air Force, joined the Reserves, and started working as a police officer. Webb says signing veterans to the force hasn’t been an easy task. At a meeting Friday afternoon, city council members, police leadership, and representatives from Robins Air Force base brainstormed ideas to make their open positions more desirable for those who've served. They not only want to recruit them but retain them, too.

“A lot of the younger people look for incentives, they look for more immediate returns, instead of a long term investment,” Webb said.

They discussed several options including different retirement plans, more vacation, and immediate access to benefits. Col. Jarvis Baker thinks compensating them for their extensive training and experience could be a good place to start.

“Giving them credit for the service that they’ve already had up to this point in the military,” Baker said. “When folks want to transition they want to know that the time that they've already committed will also be put forward to their future.”

A future they all hope includes the city of Warner Robins when people decide to retire from the military.

“This is a great place to live,” Baker said. “We’re willing to work with you to ensure that your transition is smooth, and your transition is one that’s going to benefit you and your family.”

Council members have already added a resolution to help hire more veterans to Monday's council agenda.