The Wingate Wyndham Hotel has donated $4,000 to the Warner Robins Police Department so kids can Shop with a Cop.

Nicole Butler went out shopping with the families to see how Warner Robins police helped bring in the Christmas spirit to 80 kids in need.

It's Christmas time, and you know what that means -- shopping!

"I get to buy clothes, toys, and shoes and stuff," 8-year-old Akeyla Richards says.

But she's getting a little help.

Wingate Wyndham Hotel donated $4,000 so 80 kids in need can go shopping with a cop.

"I think it'll be fun because I'm shopping with a police instead of my mama," Akeyla says.

Each child got $50 apiece to buy whatever they wanted.

So what did Akeyla want?

"Probably get an iPhone?" she says.

Maybe not an iPhone, but a doll and some other toys caught her eye.

Lieutenant Lance Watson says he's having a blast watching the kids shop.

"Just to see the kids faces, I mean, it's priceless to me. It's enlightening to know that you're going to help a kid have a Christmas," he says.

From toys to technology, the kids were on the hunt for the perfect gift.

Watson says it's an experience he doesn't want to end.

"It'd tickle me. I'd go through it 5 times. It's just an enjoyable experience," he says.

11-year old-Sariah Richards says it went better than she expected.

"I really thought officers were going to be a little mean and stuff, but now I see that they are nice. It made me feel happy because I really got everything I wanted," she says.

Sariah says this is a Christmas she'll never forget.

Watson says seeing the smiles on all of the kids faces as they picked out their toys made the officers' day.