13WMAZ is learning more about the investigation into the double homicide at Jus One More on Russell Parkway in Warner Robins.

Warner Robins police said they still need the public's help even as their main suspect is behind bars.

Double homicide at Jus One More bar in Warner Robins

Nearly two weeks after the double homicide at Jus One More, authorities in South Carolina arrested the man Warner Robins Police said is responsible for the shooting.

Police say after a fight in the early morning hours of March 2nd, 26-year-old Travis Bernard Thomas Jr. shot and killed two men at Jus One More.

Thomas is now in custody after being arrested Tuesday in South Carolina. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, in South Carolina, and the Houston County Sheriff’s Office worked with U.S. Marshals to make the arrest.

Thomas was known to WRPD before the rest, they could not give details on why or how.

Warner Robins police told WMAZ Wednesday that Thomas is responsible for both murders, but may not have been the only one shooting.

“The shooting, he will probably be the only arrest, however we do know that there's a possibility that other people were shooting at the club, we also know that there's a possibility that other people might be involved in the fight,” said Captain Chris Rooks.

According to police records, over the last two years Warner Robins police have responded to three other gunfire reports at Jus One More, all of them outside the bar.

Before the double homicide, the only injury was a man who shot himself in the hand.

Police said now, they need more witnesses to the March 2nd shooting to come forward. Surveillance video from inside the club has been helpful, but does not have sound. Police are trying to figure out what caused the fight that led to the shooting.

“We're still trying to identify people that were inside the club. And we ask, for one, if you were there whether you saw anything or not please contact us, please come down and give us a statement and let us know what you did see or what you didn't see. And also, if you're a member of this community and you know someone that might have been there, call us,” Rooks said.

Rooks said out of more than 100 people at the bar that, only 10 to 15 have come forward. He said it's worth talking to police even if you're not sure you saw anything.

Anyone who was at the club or has information on the shooting can call, email, or stop by the department in person.

“In a lot of times, people look at the situation and say well I didn't really see anything I don't have anything to offer, well, sometimes you do you just don't realize it,” Rooks told WMAZ.

Rooks the department does not know when Thomas will be brought back to Georgia to face charges. The Houston County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office will handle the extradition.

Employees at Jus One More on Wednesday declined to comment on the investigation. The business reopened on Saturday.

Other businesses in the plaza said the recent criminal activity at Jus One More had not impacted their businesses.