Mayor and Council in Warner Robins approved the purchase of an anti-overdose drug to help police save people and stay safe themselves.

In a 5-0 vote, Warner Robins Council approved spending more than $8,625 dollars for 125 doses of the drug NARCAN.

NARCAN is used to counteract the effects of opioids and is often used by first responders to fight overdoses.

Police Chief Brett Evans says it saved lives this past summer.

“It's definitely saved lives, there's no doubt. With the administration the EMS had, many of those people without a doubt would not have made it had they not had that NARCAN,” Evans said after the meeting.

In June, Evans told WMAZ there were a suspected 25 overdose cases in Houston County connected to a counterfeit pill laced with fake Fentanyl.

Police sent out another alert in August after 7 people overdosed in 48 hours off another suspected fake pill.

Evans says the NARCAN could help save future overdose victims, as well as his own officers.

“The accidental exposures the officers have, where they come in contact with a person or substance you know, even searching the car. People are getting this powder on their uniforms, and then they're becoming exposed to it too. So, the dangers are very high,” Evans explained.

The Chief says County EMS already uses Narcan.

The 125 doses will cover the 121 sworn officers in the city of Warner Robins.

The $8,625 will come from condemned funds gathered from selling seized property and other items, including seized property from drug sellers and users.

Evans says they've also put in a request with the County Health Department for a prescription of 20 doses of the drug to use while waiting for this order.