A Washington County 911 dispatcher has been placed on administrative leave without pay for comments she made on Facebook Wednesday, according to county administrator, Dustin Peebles.

Lynn Davis posted a comment in reference to a Sandersville man who died after being Tased by officers in Washington County last week.

It all started when Davis posted that she was "keeping track of all the haters," referring to those who were speaking against law enforcement.

Her next comment states: "...I don't like commenting but the ones against law enforcement will be the last to get help from now on when I'm working."

After receiving backlash about her comments, she made her own Facebook post about the issue which states: "I make one comment & this happens! Really? Everybody that knows me knows that I would go above & beyond to help anybody but if this is gonna get me fired so be it! I'm tired anyway! I never knew that this is what WaCo people are like! I'm pretty sure some of these are considered threats!"

Peebles says Davis's administrative leave is indefinite, pending a thorough investigation.

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