A Central Georgia city is getting some help after losing water for a few days after Tropical Storm Irma. The city of Marshallville is being flooded with bottled water donations from people all around Central Georgia.

That is after they were under a boil water advisory last Thursday. Then power outages caused by Irma knocked out the pumps that send water to the city. Though the water was back on Monday night, they still have to test it before people can drink it.

Ambrose Felton, the owner of the Red and White grocery store, says bottled water and bread were the first to go at his store. His home was without water for a few days.

"As the expression goes, 'You don't miss your water until the well goes dry.' It was just a minor inconvenience not having water to bathe and cook with,” says Felton.

State representative, Patty Bentley, says the water problem is not unique to Marshallville.

"It's old infrastructure. Small communities full of good, hardworking people but the resources are low,” explains Bentley.

City leaders say it has just been an ongoing problem for years.

"Yes, the pipes have been deteriorating over the last 30 or 40 years. The pipes were put down in the 1920s and as the city has grown the pipes have remained the same,” says city council member Emily Peterson.

The manager of Marshallville's Water Department says the pipes are also located in a historic building, so it makes it hard for them to make many upgrades.

"At this point, we have a series of band-aids. Over the years, many grants have been applied for and obtained and many band-aids have been put on the system,” says water manager Jeff Lempke.

Many in the town agree that it is time for a permanent water solution. City leaders are hoping to have the water test results back by Friday. If you would like to donate bottled water, you can go to the Marshallville Police Department on South Street.